There is a Solution for Sanitation Network: coordination between multiple stakeholders to increase access to water and sanitation in Brazil.

This network is accepting new members. Organizations and individuals may join through the initiative’s website. 

Brazil is faced with a great challenge in the coming years: ensuring access to water and sanitation for its entire population. To contribute to the achievement of this goal, established by the Sanitation Legal Framework (Law 14,026/2020) and Sustainable Development Goal 6, organizations and initiatives related to water and sanitation launched the There is a Solution for Sanitation Network on the last World Toilet Day (November 19, 2022)

The Network aims to identify and disseminate solutions to expand access to sewage treatment as a tool for promoting rights and overcoming challenges to universal access to water and sanitation. 

The idea of ​​networking to come up with sanitation solutions with the participation of different players from the sector – governments, companies, regulators, civil society – emerged in the 2021 edition of World Toilet Day and took shape throughout 2022. The Network relies on a coordinating group made up of Fundación Avina, the Tide Setubal Foundation, the Water and Sanitation Institute (IAS) and the Iguá Institute to provide institutional support for its structure.

Interested parties may join the Network by filling out a form available on its website at

Currently, contributors to the Network are divided into three main work fronts: ‘precarious urban settlements’, ‘rural sanitation and isolated areas’, and ‘public washrooms and water fountains’.

O  resultado dos debates dos grupos de trabalho ao longo de 2022 foram apresentados e ampliados em encontros técnicos realizados entre os dias 16 e 18 de novembro, durante a programação do Ciclo de Debates do World Toilet Day 2022..

The recorded gatherings are available at