World Toilet Day 2022 debated how to ensure universal access to water and sanitation for all in all territories.

Under the theme ‘Making the invisible visible’, the event addressed the importance of placing sanitation on the political agenda and featured the launch of the ‘There is a Solution for Sanitation Network’.

The World Toilet Day 2022 program expanded the debate on the need to ensure access to sanitation for historically excluded populations and to include this topic on the political agenda during transitional governments and the next administration, which will commence in 2023. 

The date, which is commemorated on November 19, is part of the United Nations official calendar, and this year's theme was ‘Making the invisible visible’. From the 16th to the 19th, technical gatherings, rounds of conversation and mobilization were carried out to raise awareness of the importance of access to a toilet and sanitation for one’s health, the quality of life of the population, and the preservation of the environment. 

The event, which brought together 44 panelists throughout the program, was held online and free of charge, with more than 360 subscriptions. All meetings could be watched live on YouTube, even by those who did not sign up. Recordings are available on this platform. 

There is a Solution for Sanitation Network

The event also served as a platform for the launch of the ‘There is a Solution for Sanitation Network’, a multi-stakeholder project aimed at disseminating sewage treatment solutions as a tool for promoting rights and overcoming challenges to universal access to water and sanitation. 

Throughout 2022, contributors to the Network came together to work on three fronts: ‘precarious urban settlements’, ‘rural sanitation and isolated areas’, and ‘public washrooms and water fountains’. The results of these discussions were presented and expanded in technical gatherings organized by the work fronts. They pointed out challenges and solutions for universal access to water and sanitation in these territories. 

The Network is open to new members. To find out more and join, please visit

Political Agenda for Sanitation

Sanitation was not a major theme during the 2022 electoral process, but the elected governments are faced with the challenge of expanding access to water and sanitation to everyone - men, women and gender diverse people - especially among the most historically vulnerable populations, aiming to meet the universal access target by 2033. In the morning of the 18th, two tables were dedicated to the topics: ‘Universal access to water and sanitation and the new federal government’, and ‘Sanitation policy in the state of São Paulo’ 

The new generation of sanitation

Subsequently, the round of meetings ended with a conversation entitled ‘The new generation of sanitation’, which brought together young people from different backgrounds who talked about how they started their journeys in the sector, sharing lessons learned and reflecting on the importance of engaging new professionals to work towards universal access to sanitation. 

World Toilet Day 2022 was held by the IAS in partnership with 25 other organizations and the There is a Solution for Sanitation Network. To learn more about World Toilet Day (WTD) 2022 and check out the full program, with all tables and released publications visit the WTD 2022 website.